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Cycle / Scoot to School

If your child does wish to leave their bike/scooter in school, please ensure the following:


  • Pupils must ensure that their bicycle is locked securely in the bicycle bays at all times when unattended.
  • Pupils must wear a cycle helmet and appropriate, high visibility clothing.
  • Pupils must dismount from their bicycle when entering the school gates or grounds.
  • The decision whether a child is competent to cycle independently to and from school safely rests with the parents/carer and the school has no liability for any consequences of that decision.
  • Parents/Carers provide a lock to secure their child’s bicycle.
  • Parents/Carers ensure their child can safely lock up their bicycle/scooter independently as parents/carers will not be able to walk onto the school yard.
  • Parents/Carers understand that any property (e.g. bicycles/scooters/helmets etc.) stored in the bicycle area are left entirely at the owner's risk and the school is not in any way responsible for the security and safekeeping of the property.
  • Parents understand that the school is not liable in any way for any injury or damage caused either on the journey to or from school while riding a bicycle or scooter.